The Life Tuner’s® mechanism of action

Why is our natural rhythm affected at all? Experts know of many reasons. The reinforced concrete structure of our houses, the increase in radio networks, the asphalt- and concrete coating of the earth’s surface. Fortunately we can do something about it.

The Life Tuner® is a battery-operated magnetic field generator which emits weak, low-frequent alternating fields – pulsed and magnetic. Few oscillations per second make the difference.

Adapted to the natural needs of modern people

Known and proven
The existence of magnetic waves has been scientifically known for more than a thousand years. Its research is thus rated one of the oldest science in our society. Selected oscillation frequencies are successfully applied in biology and medicine.

Positive timer for man
Activity- and sleep rhythm as well as the brain rhythm are adjusted to the exact day by means of the Schuhmann oscillations. Likewise, the individual inner rhythms are synchronized with each other.

Role model: pure nature
The Life Tuner® recreates the atmosphere’s pure natural magnetic oscillation forms – the so called Schuhmann waves. Vital discovery: The oscillation frequencies coincide with those of our brain.

Tested by astronauts

In space, time loses its meaning. All the more important to ground yourself, to recreate a natural rhythm. That's why astronauts have a Schumann generator on board.

Mechanism of action / Application programs

Life has its own way and therefore your needs are your very own as well. The Life Tuner® is primed for that. Eight different programs can be selected. In the table you will find recommendations on how the Life Tuner® can help improve the general condition:


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