Frequently asked questions:

What does 30-day money back guarantee mean?

If you are not convinced, you can return the device to us within 30 days.
Without stating reasons.
All you pay is the return postage.

Are there differences between the 3 devices?

Only in the color! Function and mechanism of action are the same.

Can an App do the same?

No, the Life Tuner® cannot be replaced by a smartphone app.
Crucial for the mechanism of action is the magnetic field generator, which is integrated in our device.
Only it can generate the required oscillations.

Who is the Life Tuner® suitable for?

For adults and children. There are no application restrictions.
If you should accidentally choose a program that is unsuitable for you,
you may experience a slight increase in nervousness, or the program will have no recognizable effect on you.
If you experience increased nervousness: Simply switch the device off or select the next lower program.
An intermission is not necessary.

Can I stay awake for two or more consecutive days with the device?

No, our device does not replace the rest phase the body needs,
but supports you in the rest- and waking phase.
When the body is exhausted because it has been awake for 24 hours,
sleep can be the best remedy for recovery and new concentration.

What is the Life Tuner’s size?

As big as a matchbox.

61,4 x 37,5 x 11,4 mm (LxWxH)
Weight approx. 45 g