As small as a matchbox
So convincing in application.

Problems sleeping, lack of concentration, lack of motivation or jetlag when travelling or shift working.
The application range is diverse. The Life Tuner® uses the principle of the magnetic field therapy, and you,
the user utilize the different possibilities.

  • You want to be alert and full of energy?
  • You want to calm down?
  • You want to fall asleep and sleep through the night?

Hence, there are eight different levels of activation or calming. The generated oscillation
for the given situation acts directly on our autonomic nervous system. Experts speak of a slight stabilization and
d thus a higher alertness respectively better ability to relax. In practice, we can see the success
daily. The general well-being can improve significantly – and the quality of life as well.

Deutsche Wertarbeit.

The battery-operated Life Tuner® is a magnetic field generator. Guaranteed from German craftsmanship. Simply carry
the handy device with you during the day, e.g. in your breast- or pant pocket, and at night: the
pillow. Even children sleep well with it. Quite unnoticed.

The Life Tuner comes in a modern, anodized aluminum housing and is available in three colors .

Order here and test it without risk with a 30-day money-back guarantee!