Life Tuner® - gold

Magnetic field generator
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Life is often fast-paced. On the job, at home, when travelling.
Refueling, when the next appointment is already waiting?
Composing oneself? Staying alert?

The Life Tuner is designed for our lives: as small as a matchbox – and a real alternative to sleeping disorders, lack of concentration, listlessness or jetlag.

Do you value German quality workmanship? The Life Tuner is manufactured
in the Black Forest.

We can make you a lot of promises – Simply test it yourself.
Free of charge.

The Life Tuner® has already helped many people. It is important to us that you're personally convinced.

Hence our offer for you:

Test without obligation - for a full 30 days

We advise you during the start-up phase and on all questions concerning your product.

With your order you automatically receive
the 30-day money-back guarantee.